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Acid washing pool interior Palm Beach Pool Service, LLC

Acid washing is a process that is done on a pebble tec® or plaster pool to remove a thin layer of the surface to remove stubborn stains and calcium deposits. The pool is drained and the sides scrubbed. Then a solution of muriatic acid and water is applied to remove the top coat of the pool.

Drain and Fill Pool Palm Beach Pool Service, LLC

Most pools need to be drained of their water and refilled with a fresh supply about every five to seven years, according to The Pool Master; it is time when the (TDS) Total Dissolved Solids reaches over 2500 ppm. When this happens, it will become difficult to balance your pool water to create a healthy environment.

Leak Detection Palm Beach Pool Service, LLC

We will get in your pool using our state of the art dive equipment and visually inspect the pool surface finish, tile, lights, fittings, drains and skimmer. All plumbing and underground pipes will be pressure tested/ dye tested. After completion a full report will be sent out.

Pump Repair/Install Palm Beach Pool Service, LLC

Most of the new generation of pumps are already equipped with automatic controls and safety features. There are repairs and replacements that are best left in the hands of professionals. If your pump is making excessive noise, creating a power trip, or your experiencing random shut offs, it's time to call us.

Time Click Repair/Install Palm Beach Pool Service, LLC

Your pool timer is in a steel or plastic box. The box itself can last for years as long as it closes properly and keeps the elements off of your timer in the box. The box tends to be a favorite spot for “critters” like lizards, ants, frogs, bees, wasps, hornets, snakes, etc. If things aren't working right, give us a call to help assess this.

Plumbing and electrical pool repair Palm Beach Pool Service, LLC

We have years of experience repairing and restoring all makes and models. We’ll quickly diagnose your issue and resolve it as soon as possible. Our vast inventory of high-quality manufactured parts combined with our experienced service technicians ensures your water will be flowing in no time.

Salt Water Maintenance: Palm Beach Pool Service LLC

To maintain a salt water pool you’ll need to keep your filter, pump, and skimmer clean. With salt water pools, you must inspect the salt chlorinator cell and replace it when needed. Test regularly for proper water chemistry to maintain clean, clear pool water. Let Palm Beach Pool Service handle this for you.

Valve repair/install Palm Beach Pool Service, LLC

One common symptom of multiport valve problems is when there is leaking around the valve itself, or when water comes out of the waste line, even when the valve is set to the filter position. If this be the case it may be time for a professional to assess the situation. We can handle it from start to finish.

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